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Ernie Franke's latest collection of articles on Russian bikes. Including a parade of sidecars, frames, steps fasteners, mounts and more(PDFs)                 Ernie Franke
Ernie Franke's collection of clutches (PDFs)                 Ernie Franke
Ernie Franke's collection of gearboxes (PDFs)                 Ernie Franke
Ernie Franke's collection of carburetors (PDFs)                 Ernie Franke
Ernie Franke's collection of components and schematics telling the story of Ural and Dnepr evolution (PDFs) Updated!                 Ernie Franke
Ernie Franke's In-Depth Series on Accessories (Military, Civilian, Police, Fire) for Your Ural or Dnepr (lots of PDFs!)                 Ernie Franke
Adjusting the Retro Hydraulic Brake                 Vance Blosser
Brake Shoe Replacement                                 Ed Paynter
Changing Tires                                                Vance Blosser
Cleaning the Solenoid Contacts             "Warthog"
Cylinder Head Porting Varick T Ross (Electric Monkey Man)
Deep Sump and Oil Pickup Installation             Vance Blosser
Dielectric Grease                                              Terry Crawford
Double Clutching Your Ural   John Panyon
Electronic Flasher                                             Sid Pollard
Ignition Types                                                   Vance Blosser
Installing the Denso Alternator                           Terry Crawford
Lowering the Leading Link Front Fender                 Steve Jackson
Prolong Life of Carb Fittings                             Rich Maund
Retro Fitting Points for Russian Boxer 650        Sid Pollard
Running a Total Loss Electrical System - 650 cc Ed Paynter
Running a Total Loss Electrical System - 750 cc Mike "Gummiente" Palmer
Setting Up K63/65 Carbs                                    William Thomson
Speedometer Repair                                         Vance Blosser
Synching the Carburetors                                  Vance Blosser
Ural Shock Service                                           Ed Paynter
Ural Spark Plug Hole Repair                                            John Grocke
Valve Adjustment - Twirl Method                      Vance Blosser
Hal's Dnepr                                                      Hal Kolding