Speedometer Repair

How to reset the odometer and improve lighting.

It's not hard to reset the odometer. It does require some patience and a steady hand, but you might as well do it while you have the unit open to punch out those stupid green bulb covers...

OK, here's a brief outline of the process:

1. Speedo face down on table. Bend the tabs on the back of the bezel so you can take it off. When you get it off, set it aside. Make sure you note the sequence of gaskets and O rings.

2. Remove the bottom 2 screws on the housing that holds the mechanism in place. Slide the mechanism out.

3. If desired punch out the green plastic bulb covers for a brighter speedometer.

4. Set the speedometer face down (careful of the needle) or prop it in a convenient position. Look on the back of the odometer. You'll see a slide on clip on one end of the axle shaft that the gears are on. Remove the clip, taking care not to let it become airborne when it comes off.

5. Note that there are a little set of tabs sticking out, this MUST be back in that position when you put the odo. assembly back. Slide the axle to the side and work it a bit, it will come out as an assembly.

6. You have a choice here, either set the digits by spinning them to match the old one (this sometimes requires experimentation - some units will rotate either way, some only 1 way, etc) OR you can remove the one from your old speedo and just install it in the new one, already lined up.

7. Make sure the tabs are lined up and work the assembly back into position. Slide the axle and replace the clip.

8. While you have the unit apart put some oil in the area where the cable enters the unit, around the cable drive.

9. Slide the unit back into the housing. Replace the 2 screws making sure the face is centered (it's easy to get off center if you're not watching).

10. Put the glass, gaskets, and bezel back on and bend the tabs to close the unit.

I've done this a couple of times, it's not bad, just takes a little patience.

Vance Blosser


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