Why and How to Use Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease is an effective barrier to moisture and protects electrical connections, ignition parts and wiring from moisture, salt, dirt and corrosion.
A major manufacturer of automotive sealants suggests a four-step process to protecting spark plug boots, connectors and battery terminals.

To protect spark plug boots:

1.       Ensure the ignition system is off;

2.       Remove heavy grease with a clean cloth;

3.       Coat the inside of spark plug boot and the ceramic portion of spark plug with a thin layer of Dielectric grease.

4.       Finally, snap the boot onto the spark plug, making sure the fit is tight.

For connectors and battery terminals:

1.       Ensure the ignition system is off;

2.       Clean the surface with a good battery cleaner;

3.       Coat both parts of the terminal contact with Dielectric grease;

4.       Reassemble, maintaining metal-to-metal contact.


Terry Crawford


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