Wiring the Denso Alternator

Here at Crawford Sales we noticed that step 4 of the supplied instructions was perhaps not as clear as we'd like. We hope this revised procedure helps.

#1: Connect the two ring type eyelet connectors to the top post connector. That's the simple part.

#2: Connect the existing green spade type connector to the left (horizontal) of the two terminals on the back of the alternator.

#3: Now, you've got that new red pigtail to hook up. Look for the ignition power wire coming out of the top of the front ignition cover. Follow it back a few inches to the black plastic connector. Pull it apart. Plug in the short female connector to the wire coming out of the ignition cover, and plug the male connector into the main wiring harness side. Now, run the long red wire and attach it to the right side (vertical) connector on the back of the alternator, right next to that pretty green wire. Congratulations, you're wired!

Terry Crawford

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